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Stay up to date with the latest information related to retinal and eye research – all of it written or curated by Mid Atlantic Retina experts. Discover and explore trending topics in ophthalmology and retina, hear about the scientific work our physicians are doing, and learn more about new approaches, innovations in the treatment of retinal diseases, and more.


Can Diabetes Cause Dry Eyes in Adults?

If you’re an adult managing diabetes and are wondering if diabetes can cause dry eyes,...

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Featured Posts

Eye Health Basics: When to See a Retina Specialist

Knowing when to see a retina specialist is important. This is because various types of...

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When to See a Retina Specialist

Recognizing and Treating Inherited Retinal Disease

Inherited retinal diseases (IRDs) are a group of diseases — passed down via genetics —...

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Inherited Retinal Disease

Clinical Trials & Research

FDA Approves a Groundbreaking New Treatment for Macular Degeneration and Geographic Atrophy

In a historic move, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has officially approved the use of pegcetacoplan, a new treatment...

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Retina Research Plays Pivotal Role in FDA Approval of Genentech’s Susvimo

Carl Regillo, MD was the principal investigator in clinical trials of Genentech’s Susvimo Port Delivery System, an implant that will revolutionize...

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Wills Eye Hospital-Mid Atlantic Retina Leaders in New Trial for Wet AMD

Mid Atlantic Retina-Wills Eye Hospital has been named the lead center of 60 centers, for the first pivotal trial for...

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Patient Spotlight:
Nancy B.

When Nancy B. woke up with wavy and bumpy vision in her right eye, knew she needed help. Through a...

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Patient Spotlight:
Frederic A.

When 79-year-old Frederic A. suddenly lost vision in his right eye one evening while reading a sports magazine, he knew...

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Patient Spotlight:
The Imielska Family

When Paulina and her husband had nowhere else to go for answers about their son in Poland, Dr. Yoshihiro Yonekawa...

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