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Patient Spotlight:
Frederic A.

When 79-year-old Frederic A. suddenly lost vision in his right eye one evening while reading a sports magazine, he knew he needed help. After a visit with his optometrist, Frederic was referred to Mid Atlantic Retina and had an appointment with Dr. Mehta the very next day.

As a retiree from the newspaper business, Frederic’s vision health is one of his personal priorities. “My eyesight is more important than ever and I could never imagine not having my sight.” As an avid reader and movie watcher, Frederic was worried about regaining his sight.

When he first came into Dr. Mehta’s office, Frederic’s worries were put to ease. He was diagnosed with age-related wet macular degeneration, a common condition among patients 50 years and older that can cause central vision loss and affect one’s ability to read and drive. Dr. Mehta gave Frederic a clear explanation of his diagnosis and treatment plan. 

Frederic received his first treatment the same day and has been receiving treatment from Dr. Mehta for several years. Age-related wet macular degeneration is regularly treated by administrating medication via injection in the eye to help patients maintain their vision. When Frederic retired 20 years ago, he met a number of people who developed age-related wet macular degeneration. At the time, there were not many treatment options for the condition and that gave him worry. However, after meeting Dr. Mehta and starting his treatment plan, Frederic was immediately relieved.

“For me, it has been a miracle treatment. It has restored my vision in my right eye,” Frederic explained. Within a year and a half, his vision started to become very clear and now has 20-20 vision. 

Knowing there are many others who suffer the same condition, Frederic now encourages them to not be afraid of eye injections and treatment. “When you find out an injection is recommended, you may cringe but it isn’t bad at all.” Frederic explains, “I can say, before I started I wasn’t a fan of even getting eye drops but the way everyone at Mid Atlantic Retina does everything is so careful and gentle that it made it easy.”

Frederic values his experience with Dr. Mehta and looks forward to his visits. “I really enjoy coming and seeing everyone. Dr. Mehta has become a real friend.” Frederic explains during his treatments they talk about their families and everyday life. 

“It’s a miracle place for me.” Frederic is grateful for the restoration of vision that Dr. Mehta and Mid Atlantic Retina has given him.