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Ocular ultrasonography (“ultrasound”) is a non-invasive diagnostic imaging test that utilizes the movement of sound waves to generate an image of internal structures within the eye. It uses the same technology as an obstetrical ultrasound that is used to examine a baby in the womb, but in a smaller format designed for the eye. It is useful when there is a disease process such as corneal edema, dense cataract, severe intraocular hemorrhage, and intraocular inflammation that prevents your doctor from being able to see into the eye, and can help detect conditions such as retinal detachment and intraocular tumors. No anesthesia is needed for this test and it is performed in our office without requiring an additional trip to an imaging center or hospital. 


Free Diabetic Eye Screening: Saturday, September 17th

Wills Eye Hospital and Mid Atlantic Retina physicians are hosting a free Diabetic Eye screening on Saturday, September...

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Welcome Dr. Jordan Deaner!

We are pleased to announce Jordan Deaner, MD has joined our team and will be treating patients at...

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2022 ASRS Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

The American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS) recently held its annual meeting in New York City where multiple...

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