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Retina Surgery and Retina Procedures

Our highly skilled retina specialists are leading the way in retina surgery with innovative and advanced techniques.

Our physicians are recognized as some of the top ophthalmologists in the country, with the experience and expertise that help ensure you get the care you deserve.

Torn Retina Surgery, Retina Laser Surgery, and More…

Retinal tear treatment, retinal detachment treatment, macular degeneration treatment, and other forms of retina treatment range from surgery to eye injections. Your exact course of treatment will depend on your specific diagnosis and may include one of the following advanced retinal procedures:

At Mid Atlantic Retina, we recognize that each of our patients is unique. When you schedule an appointment with an eye doctor, you’ll receive individualized care that addresses your specific symptoms and conditions. This will include a comprehensive retinal examination, targeted diagnostic services, and retinal diseases treatment. By personalizing care to the individual, we deliver treatment to our patients faster, thus reducing complications for the best visual outcomes.