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Patient Spotlight: The Srinivasan Family

When a parent hears that their child is sick, they want to do everything they can to help. For the Srinivasan Family, that was no different, when their infant son was diagnosed with a retinal detachment in both eyes. In India, where the family is from, doctors were unsure how to treat the Srinivasan’s son. Fortunately, they came to Wills Eye Hospital/Mid Atlantic Retina and got more help than they ever expected.

How did you hear about Dr. Yonekawa and Wills Eye Hospital-Mid Atlantic Retina?

My cousin lives in Boston. Her friend works at UMass Memorial Medical Center – Memorial Campus and was familiar with Dr. Yonekawa and referred us to him. 

Was it difficult coming to a different country to receive care for your son?

The doctors in India wanted us to wait to see whether the detachment got worse, but our son had already lost vision in one eye, so we wanted to look for other alternatives. Fortunately, we learned about Dr. Yonekawa and decided to come here.

What was it like to meet with Dr. Yonekawa?

It was a wonderful experience! He gave us a clear picture of how the surgery will work, and full of positivity and hope. He didn’t promise us anything, but the way he spoke to us was very promising. He also had lots of patience to answer our many questions. 

How has your experience been with Wills Eye Hospital and Mid Atlantic Retina?

It was a wonderful experience with the hospital! All of the staff are so polite and helped us before and after the surgery.

What would you say to other people suffering from the same vision problems?

It depends on the level of severity you have (with your vision problem). But don’t lose hope, there is a solution for everything, and it may be nearby or in future. Have your routine checkups and check for any new updates in Retinal Detachment. (Having surgery) builds self-confidence for the patient, that will motivate them to lead a normal life. 

While treating the Srinivasan’s son, Dr. Yonekawa discovered a genetic condition that was affecting the baby as well as his father. A condition no one in the family knew of before coming to Mid Atlantic Retina. Today, they are leaving to go home with a child who can see again, and more answers they could’ve ever imagined.

Dr. Yonekawa treats adult and pediatric patients and is sought out internationally to evaluate and care for children with sight threatening vision issues. Learn more about Dr. Yonekawa and the symptoms and treatment for conditions of the retina.