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53rd Annual Retina Society Meeting

The 53rd Annual Retina Society Meeting kicked off its first-ever virtual meeting on August 25th with a special presentation of “New Member Spotlight”. Out of the 18 new inductees, four Mid Atlantic Retina physicians were inducted into this internationally recognized and highly respected organization: Dr. M. Ali Khan, Dr. Michael Klufas, Dr. Ajay Kuriyan and Dr. Yoshihiro Yonekawa. Inductees go through a selection process of submitting numerous scientific papers and presentations and are selected by board members of the Retina Society. Congratulations to all of the physicians on this incredible recognition!

Dr. Allen Ho, President of the Retina Society and head of the Program Committee, organized and is leading this year’s meeting that will take place over the next few weeks.  Multiple Mid Atlantic Retina physicians will be in attendance, virtually, to present on a number of different topics and participate in multiple panels.

“This is the 53rd annual Retina Society meeting but the first virtual meeting, of course, due to COVID-19” says Dr. Allen Ho, “As president of the Retina Society, this all landed in my lap and we are going for it. It is normally a members only meeting but we have decided to make it open, global and free for others to look behind the curtain so to speak – at our mission to advance scientific knowledge, educate others and elevate patient care.”

The Retina Society meeting takes place on September 8th, 21st and 22nd. To learn more and watch live events go to the Retina Society Meeting